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Owning a dog should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but unfortunately this is not always the case. You might worry about walking your dog? Perhaps choosing a certain route to avoid other dogs and their owners?  Your dog may even put a strain on your relationships? You may have lost the confidence to control your dog? Maybe you've had help before, but with very little success? From 'clicker training' to 'dog whispering'… choosing the right method can be a minefield.

Fortunately… things don't have to be like that. With the right training and consistency, helping your dog should be easy. 

With Sue's individual and personalised training program, she will teach you the correct skills that you need to manage your dog's behaviour quickly and effectively. Developing methods that will bring out the best in both of you. 

Dogs and owners are unique…. and Sue's methods vary accordingly. Sue works with an open minded, none judgemental and patient approach. She mixes science, common sense and the experience gained from 10 years of successful dog training in Sussex. The list of dogs and owners helped by Sue is seemingly endless… so no matter how challenging the problem… it's unlikely that Sue hasn't successfully dealt with it before.

Individual & Personalised Dog Training Options

All Sue's courses are flexible, with a strategy created to suit the needs of individual dogs… and the busy lifestyles of their owners. Your dog may just need a 'quick fix' one hour lesson. But for more problematic animals, a series of three, four or five dedicated sessions may be needed to effectively solve the issues.

Whatever is required, the lessons can be spread over whatever timeframe suits you. Allowing you time to implement and practice the techniques that you've learnt in between each training session. Throughout the training process Sue will teach you the correct way to handle your dog. As well as explaining the reasons behind your dog's behaviour. 

Each lesson is 1.5 hours long and training should take place in your own environment. This will normally start off in your home. Sue will travel to you and will bring any training aids and equipment needed.

Sue’s  long-term goal is always to help you understand your dog better. And to make dog ownership a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. In her calm and patient way, Sue will teach you in how to control your dog's behaviour, and give you the confidence you need to manage your dog.

The Behavioural Assessment £45

Initially your dog will need an assessment. This behavioural assessment should be in the relaxed and familiar environment of your home. It's the ideal place for dog friendly introductions and a natural opportunity to discuss any issues in detail. 

Sue will also talk though your dog's background, household structure, diet and exercise routine. Sue will probably recommend a quick walk, so she can get an overall picture of the problems that you're experiencing. 

At the end of the assessment Sue will discuss your dog's behaviour, and the likely cause. Most importantly, Sue will tell you what can be done about it, and advise you on the best course of action.

If training is required, Sue will help you decide which course would be most suitable, and how it should be tailored to you and your dog. buttonrequestacallback2

Pay as you go 1 hour lesson £75

If your dog's behavioural problem is only minor; one or two lessons maybe all you need. You can discuss this with Sue during the initial assessment.

The Popular Course £255

Four and a half hours of dedicated personal instruction split into three separate 1.5 hour lessons… It's Sue's most popular course. The course is flexible, with lessons spaced over a period of weeks giving you time to implement and practice the techniques that you have learnt.

If your dog is displaying a number of issues such as not coming back when called (recall), pulling on the lead or simply lacking certain manners in and outside your home this personalised course will be most suited. This is also a very practical option for new owners of rescue dogs, who just need a bit of guidance and training to help settle-in their new family member. 

The Extra Course £305

Six hours of dedicated personal instruction split into four separate 1.5 hour lessons. This course is aimed at dogs with a number of issues in and outside the house. Chasing behaviours resulting in a poor recall, mild forms of aggression and separation anxiety will be dealt with. 

The course is flexible, with lessons spaced over a period of weeks giving you time to implement and practice the techniques that you have learnt. Sue will work with you, to develop the skills you'll need to manage your dog's behaviour quickly and effectively.

The Intensive Course £365

Seven and a half hours of dedicated personal instruction split into five separate 1.5 hour lessons.

This course is aimed at dogs with medium to high levels of aggression such as dog to dog, dog to human, and territorial issues. Generally your dog will need a "rehab day"… so Sue can assess your dogs issue in more detail.

Owning a dog with aggression issues can be a very stressful experience and in many cases this leads to a loss of confidence. Owners often avoid other dogs and people when out walking, and worry about letting their dog off the lead. Ownership can often become very stressful.  With Sue's intensive training, she will show you how to handle and manage your dog's behaviour. Sue will help you regain your confidence and teach you all the skills to help your dog.  It is important to note, that dogs with aggression issues generally need a lot of time spent with them. The more you put into your dog the more effective the results will be, and this generally means stepping out of your comfort zones. 

Please call for more information.  buttonrequestacallback3

Rehab and Assessment Day

Specialised Service: Cost £70

If your dog is displaying aggression towards other dogs and people, or just lacking the correct social skills...Sue may suggest a 'Rehab day'. Dogs are naturally sociable animals, and in the wild, they will usually form packs. Many people misunderstand a 'packs of dogs' as being dangerous and noisy, but they are in fact relatively calm and social structures. It's healthy for your dog to interact with its own kind, and important for a dog to have the opportunity to 'speak dog' regularly. This is not always easy on walks, and it can be very hard for owners to overcome these social problems on their own.

Sue has teamed up with a well-known and experienced behaviourist, and is able use her 'state of the art' day care centre to help build your dog's confidence. This also gives Sue a chance to asses you dog's behaviour in detail. Your dog will spend all day with Sue at this specialised centre in West Sussex. Your dog will be introduced carefully and patiently to a range of other dogs with the intention of moving them into the main arena and the all-important 'pack environment'. Sue will take time to build up your dog’s confidence, making sure he/she feels comfortable at all times. Not all dogs possess good social skills but all dogs do have the ability to learn how to socialise and interact appropriately. If Sue feels you and your dog will benefit from this option it will be discussed during the behavioural assessment. 

T & C Refunds cannot be given after a course has started.  Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Dogs In Line requires 24 hours notification of cancellation, or a cancellation fee will charged. See FAQ for more information.


Sue will help you with any issue

Aggression dog to dog and dog to human

Social problems and confidence building

Understanding your dog

Separation anxiety

Anxiety issues

Pulling on the lead

Recall problems

Hyperactivity and attention seeking

Obsessive compulsive behaviours

Manners, jumping up, attention seeking and biting

House training issues in adult dogs

Counter surfing and food stealing

Fence jumping and escaping

Coprophagia (eating poo)

Fear, phobias and nervousness

Over protection and guarding

Worrying sheep and cattle

Chasing behaviour...traffic, bikes and joggers

Chewing and destructive behaviour

Plus any other unwanted behaviour...

"We could never imagine letting Dusty off lead in a busy park...but we're now confident to do so"

Read Sue's testimonials

Read more testimonials here

"After 18 months with a very excitable Labrador (in which time we also had a new born baby!) We decided to call on some help from Sue to try and eliminate some of the problems arising from this lovely but over friendly beast we had adopted! Sue was great and it was clear she knew a lot about dogs from the start. Plus Alfie took a real shine to her; so much so that we referred to her (when talking to him) as his girlfriend! In particular, Sue gave us some really great tools to help tame the ‘bull in a china shop’ style greeting that visitors experienced when they came to the front door. We no longer have to plan for people’s arrival half an hour before they come, or panic with unplanned visitors. We’re so grateful that we no longer fear people coming to visit us! Sue has given us the tools we need and it’s up to us to put them into practice to get even better results. Sue really provided a great service, was very approachable in times of need, and a great confidence builder which is key with training these little (or not so little) friends of ours! It was great to have someone like Sue working with us and Alfie"

Alfie from Burgess Hill, West Sussex

"We contacted Sue shortly after getting our rescue dog, we didn’t have much experience with dogs or training and were boggled by all of the conflicting information available on the internet and in books. We really needed help stopping our dog pulling on the lead and working on recall. Sue was amazing, really friendly and knowledgeable, after just one session we had much less pulling on the lead and had begun recall training. After 4 sessions the difference is amazing, our dog trots nicely by our side and comes when called".

Silver and Claire, Hassocks

"We cannot recommend Sue at Dogs in Line enough. Back in November we called on Sue to help us with our Bulldog Clyde, we had trouble with Clyde chewing everything including my Wife, children and me. We had already tried dog training classes but had no joy as playing with the other dogs was more appealing to Clyde than behaving and learning.  Even after our initial consultation with Sue’s advice we had started to make progress with Clyde. After only 4 1-2-1 training sessions with Sue we now have a totally different Clyde who is a joy to live with and a very big part of our family. We no longer have to worry about the children bringing their school friends home. Thank you Sue for your advice and support and we would recommended you to any dog owner who needs a little guidance with their dog no matter what the problem is. Although they need to have a cup of coffee on the go for you to obtain your best results."

Clyde and Simon, Worthing

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Free dog training tips

Dog training tips

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  1. Train for short spells on a regular daily basis.
  2. Be patient. If you find yourself getting frustrated and annoyed with your dog, stop and walk away.
  3. Don't compare your dog to anyone else's.
  4. Lean how to motivate your dog.
  5. Exercise your dog mentally and physically.

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This can vary with each dog and owner. Dog training classes play an important socialsing role when it comes to training dogs but unfortunately group classes will rarely be as effective as 1-2-1 training. If you're looking for a trainer to teach you and your dog lots of tricks and to jump through hoops classes or agility classes will probably be more suited...

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