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Dogs in line FAQ'S


How will private dog training be more suitable than dog training classes ?

This can vary with each dog and owner. Dog training classes play an important socialsing role when it comes to training dogs but unfortunately group classes will rarely be as effective as 1-2-1 training. If you're looking for a trainer to teach you and your dog lots of tricks and to jump through hoops classes or agility classes will probably be more suited... If you feel you and your dog needs help with training in the home and or out and on walks or if your dogs is displaying aggression, anxiety, not coming back when called then private one-to-one training will be more suited. If you are not sure what would be more suitable for, you can always book an assessment first and Sue will be able to give you some guidance.

What are your dog training methods ?

From 'clicker training' to 'dog whispering'… choosing the right method can be a minefield.

Fortunately… things don't have to be like that. With the right training and consistency, helping your dog should be easy. 

With Sue's individual and personalised training program, she will teach you the correct skills that you need to manage your dog's behaviour quickly and effectively. Developing methods that will bring out the best in both of you. 

Dogs and owners are unique…. and Sue's methods vary accordingly. Sue works with an open minded, none judgemental and patient approach. She mixes science, common sense and the experience gained from 10 years of successful dog training in Sussex. The list of dogs and owners helped by Sue is seemingly endless… so no matter how challenging the problem… it's unlikely that Sue hasn't successfully dealt with it before.

Do you run puppy training classes ?


I developed my puppy training course purely because I felt that many owners no matter how experienced they are with puppies need support and guidance. I wanted to create a course where from the very start the owner has the right support and to create clear lines of communication that will help their puppy to develop in a positive way....With my puppy tuition you can start training your puppy in the right way as early as 7 weeks "giving your puppy the best start possible" 

Will my puppy still need to go to puppy training classes if they have done your puppy tuition course ?

The more you can socialise and train your puppy the better and puppy training classes have there benefits.. However, they are not always suited for every puppy or owner, this can be for a number of reasons, you may feel like you need some help in the home first, such as house training, mouthing/biting and generally knowing what is the correct thing to do. Fitting your life around classes can be difficult; as I work full time I can fit courses around you as well as including the whole family. Or in some cases some owners may have had bad experiences previously and they may want to feel more confident before approaching puppy classes again. 

Will your personalised dog training programme be enough? 

In most cases YES. One to Five lesson does not sound a lot especially if your feel your dog’s behaviour needs a lot of work. With the correct advice, guidance and methods you should never need hundreds of lessons. In most cases it’s usually more about training the owner on how to deal with their dog’s behaviour effectively so they can keep the training on going. 

Where does the training take place ?

All training sessions are based in and about your home. All my lessons are as real as possible and I always try and work towards what the owner’s ideal expectations are.

Can I buy dog training or puppy training lessons for a present for someone else ?

Yes, of course as long as they are happy to have my help. This is a popular request.

How far do you travel ?

I travel to most parts of East and West Sussex up to 45 miles from where I am based in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex. My most popular areas are Hassocks, Hayward's Heath, Brighton and Hove, Crawley, Worthing and Horsham areas...

Will you travel to London ?

I can only travel to London for my puppy training course - this is because of the time it takes me to travel between each lesson. If you are looking for some bespoke puppy training and you live in London please call for more information.

Can you help me find a puppy ?

Yes,! Over the years I have found some lovely puppies from only the best breeders or if you are looking for a rescue puppy or dog I can also help you with your selection.

Do you work for yourself?

Yes, I proudly work for myself

Dogs in line terms and conditions

Payment information:

The Initial assessment cost is £45 which must be paid in cash or by cheque at the end the assessment. 

Course Payments:

“Pay as you go lessons”must be paid in full at the end of the lesson. This can be done by cash, cheque or as preferred bank transfer.

The popular course, The extra course and the Intensive course, Puppy Tuition:

All Payments can be paid in full on the first lesson or on the initial assessment or split into Two payments if preferred. This can be paid by cash, cheque or as preferred bank transfer. If you have any queries regarding payment please ask Sue. 

We do not charge for fuel or traveling time locally to most parts of Sussex.

Fuel and travel time will be charged on top of courses if further afield such as London. 

Refunds cannot be given after a course has started.  Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Dogs In Line requires 24 hours notification of cancellation, or a cancellation fee will charged

Equipment and Safety

Equipment if needed is charged at an extra cost on top. Your’s and your dogs safely is extremely important, so please ensure all collars, leads, harness, muzzles etc are always safely fitted and secure. Dogs in line will not take any responsibility for faulty or missed used equipment.

Sue may suggest that your dog may need to be muzzled in public. If she feels your dog is at risk to other dogs, member of the public or you, this will be advised if needed. Dogs in line will not take any responsibility for faulty or missed used equipment.

"By the time she left us on her first visit he was sitting and staying whilst the front door was opened. An amazing amount of progress ! We would recommend Sue to any new puppy owners."

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